Friday, June 12, 2009

Plus Day 162 - Old Citizens Bank Building

This lovely old building is downtown and was actually a bank when I was growing up. Then it encountered some sad times. A young couple finally bought it and re-did it. I understand now there are offices on the ground floor and they live on the 2nd floor.

I love old buildings and am so pleased when people restore them instead of tearing them down.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Plus Day 161 - Book on Amazon

Gosh, I guess I've intentionally/unintentionally taken quite a sabbitical in keeping this up to date. I had an experience today that encouraged me to go back to it. So, here we are at PLUS Day 161 and hopefully I can actually finish out 365 - though it's obviously had a little break.

This is the cover of a book that has just been listed on Amazon. It's the memoirs of my great-grandfather, Albert Martin Ayres I. And, I believe appropriate for this Blog, since he lived a big part of his life on Georgia Mtn. and lived in Guntersville while he was Probate Judge in Marshall County. I published it in 2004 as a gift for my kids/grandkids and the publisher has just listed on Amazon. I'd be shocked if anyone actually bought it, but it does have some interesting parts, and it was nice to see it on the "Big A".

At the urging of some online friends, I've started Memoirs and Family Stories Blog and will include some of the more interesting text from the book. So, if you're interesting in reading some of the book, check out the new blog.