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~ Well, I truly am older than dirt. I have wonderful kids, grandkids and furkids. My little furbaby "Frosty" (teacup toy poodle) is usually stuck to me like velcro and he's such a joy in my life.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2007 and am so far a survivor - see Me and Breast Cancer

I have several online businesses which can be reached hereand I really enjoy the challenge of designing websites.  I started offering my cross stitch designs in late 2011 – something else I enjoy doing.

I work part time at my local counted cross stitch shop and since cross stitch is one of my loves, it's always fun to see what the latest thing out is.

I turned one of my hobbies into a small business when I went back to making elegant Barbie ball gowns.

I've gotten involved with some family history and genealogy in the last few years - seems that's more interesting as you're reaching the end of life than it was towards the beginning.

I've been retired for a number of years, but somehow manage to stay busier than I was when I worked (or at least it seems that way).

I’m a Christian and attend a great church – where my son is the Pastor… Resonate Church 9.22

Have a couple more blogs - haven't keep any of them up to date very well... maybe now???

Now, I suspect that's way more than you ever wanted to know, but I hope you'll stick around, read my blog, and check out my other blogs as well.