Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 3 - drive down Georgia Mtn

This is the lovely drive down the mountain when I go into town. It's a really crooked road that was built in the late 1800s for mules pulling wagons, finally paved in the 1960s with only one curve removed. Still really narrow, with the right side rising sharply and the left side dropping even more sharply. They did add a guard rail a few years ago. Some of my local friends still won't drive this route (there's another, longer way up the mountain) but it's the road I learned to drive on (though a dirt road them) and I love it!!


Jai Johnson said...

What a beautiful road, Iris! I'd like to take a stroll down it and just soak in all that gorgeous, natural beauty!

Iris said...

Probably wouldn't be too safe to walk down as the cars whiz around those curves. Amazing there haven't been serious accidents. But it is lovely!


It looks lovely Iris --- covered like it is with all the trees. And it's so green -- which this time of year is sorely missed in the desert where I am.