Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 51 - My Kitchen

Well, I'm not planning to go out anywhere today - way too much I need to do inside. So, thought I'd post my fairly recently, sort of, redone kitchen. Not that I actually cook enough to make a difference, but I am in and out of it all day, so visually I think I needed a "pick-me-up".

My trash can of 20+ years finally died and I went to buy a new one (this was in early February). I've never particularly been a "red" person, but I was just drawn to this shiny red trash can - bought it! Then, it matched nothing in my kitchen, so I bought a new red drain rack (to replace my 30+ year old one). THEN, I decided I need a different color kitchen (had off white wallpaper with pale blue & mauve flowers that I'd ceased to like right after we got the house). I decided on a fairly bright green.

Lots of offers to help and I was still undergoing my breast cancer treatments, but wanted to do it by myself. I guess it was something I needed to prove to myself that I could do. Can't say it was necessarily fun - but "I" did it!!! I'd forgotten that the prep work is really much more intense than the actual painting, and it drove me nuts to have my kitchen torn up for about 2 weeks. I had to wash (scrub) the walls, two coats of primer and two coats of paint. :(

Have added a few more red accessories - friends suddenly decided I needed something else red, etc. Anyway, it's brightened up considerably and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I still plan to redo the laundry room (which adjoins the kitchen), but just haven't gotten around to it.

AND, the infamous trash can!


Islipian said...

Hey, you've got my "in my mind's eye" kitchen color story!

I always wanted to do apple green walls, white cabinets, black counter, with some red accents. You've got great taste there, Miss Iris!

Country Cottage Chic said...

The green looks lovely Iris!

Z-ville said...

How bright and cheery!


I've been wondering about your redo -- glad to see photos. And I love love love that trash can --- it's really nice. I would have been drawn to that too. Your kitchen is lovely -- I'd love a kitchen that was bigger than 4' by 4' - good thing I don't cook much, my kitchen would certainly not inspire it.

Iris said...

Thanks guys! I love that trash can too - and smile everytime I go in there and see the red.

My kitchen isn't very big Jacki - and certainly shrinks when my DILs and DD get in there together (I leave to another part of the house then).

I'm still thinking about the counters. I can't afford to replace them, but have found some interesting ideas for 're-doing' (painting) them.

Kat Simpson said...

It looks great, Iris! Well done.