Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 59 - View from my mountain

Well technically it isn't "my" mountain - but I live on it and my great-great-grandfather brought the folks who settled it - so I've always felt like it was mine.

That is one of the gorgeous views - not from my house. When my great-great-grandfather came here after the civil war, the location he choose for his home was not a view (though the lake wasn't there then anyway), but a location he considered safer.

There's a new subdivision being developed :( and I drove into it to get this photo.


Islipian said...

At least you can SAY "view from my mountain." I'm just like...view through my weedy hedge...view through the broken window...

your view is lovely.

Kat Simpson said...

That's an awesome photos. Is this the subdivision you showed us earlier? I think it's really cool you know so much history about your property and even why it is where it is very neat.