Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 108 - Halloween

Yeah - I've posted this before - but I decided it was appropriate for today. This IS "Halloween". I named her that because of her coloring and because I said she was ugly (yeah, yeah I know - she's not really ugly - but she's improved with age). She lived at the barn for about 12 years - it's amazing a barn cat lasted that long. She has since moved to my deck and lives a life of luxury. No more foraging for food or looking for a bed. She has a 'cat house' on the deck and a bed that I just recently put a heater in (and she loves it).

She's always looking in my french doors and would probably come inside - but Emma Grace and Fluffy would not be pleased - and I'm sure Halloween would get the best of them in a fight.

She gets along fine with the dogs - she lets them know who's boss!


Islipian said...

she looks just like my Katie - the cat I named my daughter after :-)

Jai Johnson said...

You put a heater in the bed? Do tell! I need something for my cats to help keep them warm. What kind is it?

Iris said...

Interesting Bettye.

Jai - the 'heater' is actually a reflective thing I found in a catalog. No electricity or wires. It's kinda crinkly so I cut an old soft throw and put one layer of that over the heat thing. Seems to work great and she loves it. I found it in a catalog, ordered it online... I'll see if I can find the URL.

Carole and Chewy said...

The very embodiment of Halloween!
What a perfect black and orange kitty.

We use to have an electric heating pad with a bathroom rug over it for our outdoor kitty. She loved it.