Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 133 - Another Housemate

Another day without going outside, so thought I'd introduce another of my 'housemates'.

This is "Squeaker". He's a cockatiel that I agreed to give a foster home to about 8 years ago. Guess he's here to stay now.

He loves attention, and doesn't get enough. He used to come out and sit on Chuck's shoulder. But then, he liked Chuck better than he does me (of course, I've always been the one to feed him and clean his cage - Chuck just did the fun stuff).

He's about 17 years old and is great with a wolf whistle.


Z-ville said...

Oh, what a pretty little boy!

Jai Johnson said...

Aw! This looks like our cockatiel, Sammi. I love these birds!