Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 137 - Pink Barbie tree (3rd-25 days of Christmas)

I love my Barbie tree. I saw one in a magazine several years and wanted one ever since. The pink trees became popular a couple of years ago - this is a little fiber optic. My two "best" Barbie ornaments (Hallmark) grace the bottom. Most of the ornaments are McDonald's Barbie, and my daughter found a package of small Barbie ornaments the first year I had the tree.

I collect Barbies - not the vintage or terribly expensive ones - but I do have a room full. Chuck loved giving me Barbies, so I have some really pretty ones.

This tree always makes me smile :)


Kat Simpson said...

That's what trees are supposed to make us do - smile! :)
It's beautiful, Iris, and I'm not even a Barbie fan!

Z-ville said...

The pretty little tree and your nostalgic comments make me smile, too.

Wanda said...

What a sweet tree! Love it!

And so glad I can comment now. ;-)