Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 160 Frosty says - It's cold in St. Louis

....and there are strange things in the backyard here. I found a squirrel today and chased him but got really confused when he disappeared. Mom told me he went up a tree. I didn't know squirrels could climb trees. We don't have them in our yard at home because Belle chases everything out that might be fun for me.

And, in the yard here there are strange, barking dogs all around in the neighboring yards. They come right up to the fence and bark at me - but I bark and growl and let them know how fearless I am too!


Z-ville said...

Such a little cutie!!

Islipian said...

I wish I had a little blue sweater like Frosty - he looks so cozy!

Kat Simpson said...

Hang in there, Frosty, you'll be home soon :)

Jai Johnson said... cute in his sweater! And I get just picture him barking and growling at the other dogs like that.