Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 10 - Bookmobile

I LOVE my Bookmobile (and my bookmobile librarian). She runs every other week and parks in the church parking lot across the road from my house. If I forget, she calls me. If I'm not at home to return a book, she simply checks it out for another two weeks. She finds books that she knows I like to read and suggests new authors. If I request a specific book she almost always gets it for me. ALL the books are in large print (which I also love).

We do have a library in town but I rarely go there these days. The bookmobile goes to communities out in the country, to nursing homes, etc. It's a wonderful service and I truly appreciate having it.



Wow, that's wonderful. She must be a very special person. I'm just blown away by that individualized service. Very nice!

Carole and Chewy said...

Your book mobile lady must be a real booklover and I bet she loves her job too.

That's the cool thing about small towns. People in stores remember you when you come in, the librarian knows you, the bookmobile lady saves you books.

Iris said...

It does make a huge difference that it's a small town. She IS great - but I'm sure she knows the majority of her 'customers' by first name and probably does the same thing for them.

She brought books to my door when Chuck was so sick and I couldn't leave him.

Kat Simpson said...

what a great library service.