Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 14 - Mt. Carmel Cemetery

Jacki's cemetery photos were so very different from what we see here in north Alabama, I wanted to post my view every day. I do have a cemetery in my front yard (family) and I'll put it up later. I live on a corner - the church is directly across the road and the cemetery across the other.

Lots of gorgeous OLD trees that drop tons of leaves in the fall. The church's cemetery committee does pay someone to cut the grass and they take care of the leaves too - but families do most of the grounds work.

"Decoration Sunday" is a day in the spring (most cemeteries have an established day - this one is the 2nd Sunday in May) when people come from everywhere to 'decorate' the graves of their families. Many of them work all Friday and Saturday before getting everything ready. It's a time of fellowship and seeing others you haven't seen in awhile (maybe since last year's Decoration). Some of the 'commercial' cemeteries have entertainment and refreshments.

Personally I'm not crazy about all the plastic and silk flowers - many of them blow into my yard when there's a storm - but it does make for a colorful view.


Kat Simpson said...

Wow! that is a lot of flowers.

Islipian said...

woohoo, that's a whole lotta plastic flowers! oh. kat just said that, ha. well, what else CAN you say??

Iris said...

Ya'll are absolutely right - ang guess who gets the benefits - the folks that SELL the plastic flowers! It's big business here.