Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 44 - What is that stuff on my windshield

....could it actually be rain???? I'd almost forgotten how it looks - WONDERFUL!!!

Driving in the rain isn't my favorite - but it was a blessing today - along with a good report from my Oncologist!!! :)


Kat Simpson said...

PTL on the Dr report, Iris!

Islipian said...

see? rainy days = GOOD!

bettye <- loves rainy days

Z-ville said...

Wonderful news!! So glad you got a good doctor's report. And rain to boot! That tropical storm is suppose to make its way into Ohio on Wednesday, and we do need it. We've had good rainfal until the last two weeks, and then it was lick the spiket was turned off.

Jai Johnson said...

Glad to hear your AWESOME news, Iris!