Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 47 - Garden path

Understand - I am NOT a gardener. I love to look at pretty gardens/flowers, I just don't like the making/maintaining of them. I did 'make' this one, and sometimes I actually maintain it (though hopefully I've got it to a point that it pretty much maintains itself).

There's a hybrid willow out of the picture that starts loosing it's leaves in July - hence my gravel path is mostly leaves at the moment.

If you look closely (or enlarge the photo) you can see the birdbath I posted yesterday - AND, my pink flamingos. There's also another shallow birdbath near the flamingos, though it's so shallow it rarely holds much water. This path goes from my patio area to the pond gate. I created the gravel path and planted all that monkey grass eons ago (not a fun project I might add). Chuck always wanted to 'thin' it - and I threatened him with bodily harm if he touched one blade. I love my path.


Islipian said...

I love your path, too! And nice shot with the leading lines!

Kat Simpson said...

Monkey Grass - great idea! I need to make a path in the back yard - and this one is lovely!