Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 74 - Old, old hospital

I love this building - and amazingly someone bought it a few years ago, re-did it and now it's an office building - "Ringold Plaza". Not sure what year it was built, but I know it was there in the 1940s. My second son was born there in 1959. Then they built the 'new' hospital which opened in 1963 (my youngest son was one of the first babies born in the 'new' hospital), and the one pictured stayed vacant and abandoned for many years. THEN, they built the newer hospital and the '1963 hospital' became the old hospital and one in the photo here became the "old, old" hospital. Then they tore down the 'old' hospital and built a bank there. If you're not totally confused now it's not my fault.

I understand this building pictured here has massive concrete walls and it was apparently quite a challenge to redo it. Probably one of the reasons it wasn't torn down earlier, it would have been pretty difficult and the city didn't want to spend the money to tear it down. I know they've done a great job on the lobby and front entrance and they tell me the offices are lovely.

We're such a "tear it down and build something new" society, I'm so glad this building was saved.


Kat Simpson said...

I'm not confused! :) And I love it when they find a way to reuse old buildings.