Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 149 - Outside decorations (Day 15 of 25 days of Christmas)

Not nearly as many outside lights as in years past. I didn't think I'd get anything up, but our Youth Pastor and his wife came one Sunday afternoon and did the outside stuff for me. What sweethearts they are.
Chuck made this reindeer the year before he died. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this one IS a reindeer and not a moose. :) Actually he made two, this one with it's head up and another with it's head down grazing. We used them both that year - and I have not been able to find the second one since he died. I've torn the place apart - I've looked in places it shouldn't be. It's not here. I have no idea what happened to it.
I've had to change a lot of my decorations simply because I couldn't handle seeing them the way we "always did them".... maybe that's why that reindeer is gone :)

Looking at my front porch from an angle. Chuck always wound Christmas lights around the pillars - but I can't handle seeing them that way now, so I just put out my little baby porch tree and my shrub lights.


Islipian said...

Very nice :-)

Katie and I went to get our tree tonight...and couldn't agree on anything so we'll go out again Wednesday. So we're still Christmasless here in Islip.