Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 152 - Fireplace (Day 18 of 25 days of Christmas)

This is the 'display' under my small slim tree in my living room. The doll is a 'toni doll' - not my original one, but the dress is an original that I made when I was maybe 13 years old. I also made the little clown - one of my few crochet projects.

Here's the entire tree, which is filled with my most prized ornaments - from over the years. A few from my kids childhood, a few from our travels and some fairly recent. Of course I had to add at least one elephant (at the bottom).

And here it is from back a ways. I love my fireplace (and my gas logs). It was originally a wood burning, but I'm way too old to worry about wood.


Islipian said...

and an elephant pillow! and an elephant...lamp?? under that side table by the chair??

it looks very nice, iris - cozy and welcoming. wish i could come for a visit (nothing like inviting myself!).

Iris said...

Oh I do wish you could come too. I'd be delighted. I love having guests and you're welcome anytime :)

That would be an elephant clock under the side table. I have elephant "almost everything".... been collecting for years and kids & friends... well it makes it easier for them.