Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 27 - Halloween, not the holiday - my cat!

It seems I'm on a tear with the animals. Halloween is my outside cat. She "was" THE barn cat while Chuck was alive. He went down to the barn every day to feed and talk to her, and she would follow him around the field when he was out there. Over the years she had MANY kittens (Fluffy was one - though they look nothing alike), and caught many mice and....

Her mother had come to our barn and had a litter of kittens - then got out in the road and got killed. Chuck raised the kittens and over the years they all disappeared except Halloween.

When Chuck died, she moved to the back yard - then she moved to the deck... where she presently lives. When she moved to the deck it was time to visit the vet - I did NOT need a constant supply of kittens.

She thinks the dogs are there for her to rub on and , she's become quite tame over the years. She has a nice box and bed on my deck and I feed her on a table where the dogs can't get her food.

She's 13 years old - and that's a long time for a barn cat to survive. She still appears as agile as she ever was, but doesn't usually stray very far from the deck.


Islipian said...

she's lovely. i adore tortoiseshells.

Jai Johnson said...

Oh she's so pretty! I love her big eyes.

Kat Simpson said...

Cool name - did Chuck name all the kittens?