Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 22 - My geese

Meet "Duke & Duchess". They are Canadian geese who think they own the place.
I gave them to Chuck for Christmas the first year we had the pond - their wings had been permanently clipped so they cannot fly, however, they roam my entire field/pasture.

Unfortunately, their pond has dried up in the last two years since this has become the desert southeast - SO, I had to get two kiddie swimming pools for them. The geese make a terrible mess in them and they are not easy to try and clean. They've raised babies every year and most of them stayed around till the draught - now I'm just back to two (which is fine with me).

It's funny to watch them when I feed the goats - they'll go up behind a goat and bite/pull the hair on the back of a leg - goat moves out of their way.


MaggieDoodle said...

How cute! I can't imagine being up close and personal with a goose -- although I had a close encounter with a seagull once!

Kat Simpson said...

I think two is plenty :


Another amazing photo -- you have quite the animal population out there don't you? I love geese and ducks -- but mostly from a distance.

RobinAnn said...

I've never know anyone who owned Canada Geese. (And yes, the can be very, very dirty.)