Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 24 - Goats

The white one is "Casper" and is my only male at the moment (thank you God).

And this is "Sweetie". She's an old lady at 12 years old. I bottle raised her as her mother rejected her - so she's still spoiled rotten. She's also the main boss lady - ALL the others do what she tells them.
I only have 5 now - but we've had 50+. There are more pictures here when we had LOTS ... http://www.alphafarms.us/goats.shtml


Kat Simpson said...

Love the photos. and I can tell that Sweetie is your favorite :) Kat


Very nice! Billy was 'fixed' -- by previous owners, I guess -- who sorta just 'did it' sorta roughly, although I guess effectively. UGH!

Islipian said...

i like that little white one!

a goats web-ring - who knew??!

Jai Johnson said...

Oh aren't they adorable!

Kat Simpson said...

Poor Billy - hope they didn't use the rubber band method, yikes!