Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 31 - local hospital

Wanted to get an early start today as my dd and grandson are coming today for a visit.... and since I haven't missed a day yet (hint to some other 365ers) didn't want to start now.

This is our local hospital - about 5 miles from my house. Couldn't get a really good shot because of the big trees (but I love the trees). It's a 'rural' hospital, actually between two towns and services the north part of the county. 80+ beds I think. However, my hospital stays and cancer treatments in the last couple of years have been in Huntsville (35 miles away).


Kat Simpson said...

I think it's reassuring to have a local hospital, don't you? This looks like a nice one, Iris, hope you have a great visit with your family today.

Islipian said...

Yeah, look, Miss I-Haven't-Missed-a-Day-Yet, you're caught up to me, and I started a couple days before you!

Iris said...

LOL, I'm still one day behind you Bettye.

And yes Kat, it is reassuring to have a local hospital. I'd hate to know I had to go 35 miles in a true emergency.


Okay you show off -- I know, I'm dreadfully behind. I'll try harder MOM, I promise!