Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 91 - golf carts

Not real exciting - and I think these little buggies are used for other things besides a golf cart. There's a place that "customizes" them at the foot of the mountain and I pass it everytime I go into town. They always have carts sitting out front during the daytime.


MaggieDoodle said...

We have a golf cart to get around our campground -- we love it! Some of the people in the campground have golf carts that are all souped up with big wheels, decals, etc. On a hot, hot day there's nothing better than driving in around in the golf cart with the breeze blowing in your face!

Islipian said...

A barn I worked at when I was younger, had retrofitted golf carts with "dumpers" on the back, so instead of mucking the 1-2 stalls into small wheelbarrows, then wheeling them by hand through, down, around, and up, you could get like 6 stalls done, then DRIVE to the manure pile, and let the dumper dump its load itself. Sweet! I have a real fondness for golf carts after that :-)

Iris said...

I'm sure there are lots of uses for them - Maggies sounds like the most fun though :)