Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 92 - Don't we Wish

No, unfortunately, those are not the current gas prices in Alabama. That's an abandoned gas station next to the cross stitch shop where I work and I've been meaning to get a photo of the prices. It's obviously been closed for quite awhile. No one can operate it because the underground tanks aren't up to safety standards, the owner won't pay to have them taken up and no one will buy the property knowing they would have to do that also. So there it sits, with it's welcoming/unrealistic prices - but no gas!


Islipian said...

Ha, that's pretty funny - about the prices.

We were supposed to get a new post office a few years back...but story goes the land destined to be the new site, had toxic waste underneath that needed cleaning before building...but it was so expensive to clean it, they've just done nothing. So it sits fenced, vacant, and posted "Future Home of Islip Post Office."

CookieBabe said...

This is really comical. It looks like it should be open. I bet strangers have pulled in many times! Really funny!!! Lauren