Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 100 - (yea!) Trees at night

Seems like I've been sticking close to home lately. I'm obviously not very good with nighttime shots, but couldn't resist this one. This photo isn't nearly as clear and sharp as I'd like, but when I let the dogs out for the last time last night I turned on the spotlight out in the yard and walked to the end of the deck. The sporlight was shining directly on a portion of these two trees and I was struck by the difference in color. The tree with the green is a sweet gum and the one with the colored leaves is a sycamore (and there are colored leaves on the ground). Both have already lost some of their leaves without much color as it's been so incredibly dry.


Islipian said...

Congratulations on 100 days! Woohoo!

Love the night trees. Looks very...shoot, what was that movie where they were in the woods and shone the flashlights under their chins??