Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day 102 - Old Henry House

This interesting old house was originally owned by my great-great grandparents - built sometime in the 1800's. I suspect it wasn't pink then. Don't know who owns it now, but at least it's still there and apparently having some work done on it as there was scaffolding on the left as you're looking at it.

The picture below is the same house somewhere around 1900 - the girl on the far left is my great aunt and that's my grandmother sitting next to her. I have no idea who the other two are, but I love this photo.


Islipian said...

what a fabulous old photo to have, Iris!

When I first read the title, and looked at the photo, I thought, wow, that's an awfully big hen house!

Islipian said...

oh dearie, try and tear yourself away from the old hen house, and come see what I have for you at my blog today...