Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 98 - Grave Diggers

Saw the grave digger out working in the cemetery across the road from my house as I was leaving to go to work this morning. Wasn't sure how excited he would be for me to take a picture, so didn't try to get any closer.

Actually, one guy is digging - one watching. The watcher doesn't have too difficult a job, but that ground's awfully hard for the digger. They're usually done in about 3 hours though - and then come back and fill it in. The funeral was just happening as I was coming home this afternoon.


Z-ville said...

I'm surprised they dig the grave by hand and don't use mechanical equipment.

Iris said...

Not at all unusual here. Especially in the older cemeteries. In many cases they can't get the equipment in to where they need to dig - though they could have here. And, it may be cheaper to have it done by hand as they have to bring the backhoe in on a truck, etc... gas prices.

At any rate, it's a common site around here.

Carole and Chewy said...

Cemetery across the road hmm?
Any good hauntings or unusual sights?

Iris said...

Actually I sorta live "between" two cemeteries. One is across the road, the other in my front yard :) But, they are great neighbors, they don't bother me - I don't bother them!